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Adobe Premiere Elements product comparison

It keeps getting better

See how Premiere Elements 13 makes video editing easier, more powerful, and more fun.

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Elements 11

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Elements 12

Adobe Premiere
Elements 13

Quickly find and organize your media

See your photos in all their glory thanks to High DPI and Retina Display support



Sort and find by people, places, and events

See where it happened — view videos and photos on a map where they were taken*

Find specific things in your photos fast 

Easily import from compact camcorders as well as from DSLRs                                                                                                                 

Easily find, view, and organize in the full-featured Organizer                                    

See full-screen previews in the Organizer

Quickly find your best clips and photos

Easily organize clips and photos from one place

Organize clips and photos with visual tags      

Easily create movies

Tell big life stories—just pick the story type, grab clips for each chapter, and get a full-on production



Choose your favorite clip moments and Elements turns them into a movie—done!



Get a finished movie file faster than ever



Get great sound with over 50 musical scores and 250 sound effects


Edit with speed and stability thanks to support for 64-bit Windows 7 and 8 systems

Edit with drag-and-drop ease in Quick mode

Turn photos into movies with custom pan and zoom motions

Auto-fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems

Auto-trim unwanted footage

Auto-balance audio elements

Enjoy optimized editing, even with HD

Create themed movies in an instant

Easily fix audio problems         

Edit slide shows and movies to the beat of a favorite song

Make it look professional

Use new Guided Edits to add motion inside your movie titles



Punch up the drama with effects that draw eyes to one part of your scene



Learn with built-in video tutorial Guided Edits


Get video tone corrections with an option that learns what you like


Add graphics, text, and effects that move with the subject


Easily match popular movie styles with Hollywood Looks    

Add slow-motion or fast-motion effects        

Adjust color using simple sliders                        

Boost tone and vibrance without affecting skin tones  

Independently adjust highlights, shadows, and midtones           

Give your movies a fun cartoon look

Add graphics, frames, and animations from a clip art library           

Easily combine elements from different videos for entertaining results  

Jazz it up with effects, transitions, and movie themes   

Add animated titles, motion menus, and polished credits        

Share on virtually any screen

Create slideshows with multiple photos on each slide, and share them as movies via Facebook



Share movies on Vimeo*                                                                              

Burn Blu-ray quality HD movies to DVDs

Quickly share to Facebook*          

Export in AVCHD format          

Export in XAVC-s format  
Share on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and more   

Easily upload finished movies to YouTube*       

* Internett-tilkobling kreves. Det kan hende at dette produktet integreres med eller gir tilgang til enkelte nettbaserte Adobe-tjenester eller andre nettbaserte tjenester. Nettbaserte tjenester er kun tilgjengelig for brukere som er 13 år eller eldre, og krever samtykke i ytterligere bruksbetingelser og Adobes retningslinjer for personvern på nettet (se Nettbaserte tjenester er ikke tilgjengelig i alle land eller på alle språk, kan kreve brukerregistrering og kan endres eller avvikles uten varsel. Ytterligere godtgjørelser eller abonnementsavgifter kan bli pålagt.