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Dreamweaver Documentation

Documentation for the Sort Table command uses incorrect option labels

Table of Contents

  1. Unicode normalizations and Byte Order Mark
  2. Dynamic font mapping preferences
  3. Validator preferences
  4. Dreamweaver now allows keyboard shortcuts for code snippets
  5. Quick Tag Editor code hints are controlled by the Code Hints preferences dialog box
  6. Changing default file extensions from .htm to .html
  7. Importing Microsoft Word and Excel documents on the Mac
  8. Documentation for the New CSS Style dialog uses incorrect selector names
  9. Documentation for pasting formatted text uses incorrect menu option
  10. Documentation for the Sort Table command uses incorrect option labels
  11. Documentation for the ASP.NET Hyperlink Column dialog box is incorrectly titled.
  12. Documentation for animating layers with timelines
  13. Documentation errors in Animating Layers with Timelines

The documentation for the Sort Table command (Commands > Sort Table) is inconsistent with the labels used in the Sort Table dialog box. The following dialog box labels map to the description headings in the documentation:

Label used by the sort table dialog box

Label used in the documentation

Sort Includes the first row

Sort Includes First Row

Sort header rows

Sort THEAD Rows (If Any)

sort footer rows

Sort TFOOT Rows (If Any)

Keep all row colors the same after the sort has been completed

Keep TR Attributes With Sorted Row