Adobe Professional Services

Receive predefined deliverables at a fixed price

Reduce implementation risks. Get expert assistance when you need it by choosing one or more of these fixed-price services:

Value discovery

Before you embark on a project that involves Adobe products, you need to be sure that you are targeting areas of high potential return. An Adobe business analyst can help your team define success factors and then use those factors to determine which business processes are most suitable for implementation and have the greatest chance of success. At the conclusion of the value-discovery process, you receive documentation with in-depth information on the proposed process automation.

Requirements analysis

As a medium- or large-scale business, you should always begin with a requirements analysis to define the project scope and objectives. Adobe business analysts and other specialists work with subject matter experts, process owners, and IT personnel at your site to gather requirements for your custom solution. Following the on-site analysis, business analysts work with technical architects to determine the best way to address your requirements, always keeping your budget and timing constraints in mind. At the conclusion of this process, you receive a report detailing your requirements baseline.

Installation and knowledge transfer

When you engage this service, an Adobe consultant travels to your site and spends four to five days meeting with your key IT personnel. The consultant installs and configures your Adobe server products in a test environment and then provides hands-on knowledge transfer for up to three participants.

Solution design review

This service helps prevent costly post-development rework. A team of Adobe specialists analyzes your proposed solution, identifies and corrects possible design issues, and verifies accuracy. At the conclusion of this process, you receive a comprehensive design review report that includes validations of existing designs and recommendations for changes or alternative approaches.