With Adobe, paper delays and long contract cycle times are history.

Onboard faster.

Automatically populate forms and contracts with data from your existing business systems so you can onboard vendors and suppliers faster than ever—from anywhere

Accelerate approvals.

Send any document for e-signature or approval with just a few clicks. Stakeholders can sign and return them in minutes — no paper required.

Minimize risk.

Track all documents in real time, view a full audit trail, and automatically store certified digital copies of every signed document.

Make it your own.

Acrobat Sign Solutions can be fully customized, allowing you to provide your customers with a branded, professional digital experience.

Customers are going digital with Adobe Document Cloud to save a lot of time and money.


Average contract signing time reduced to 1.3 hours.

The Western Australian Local Government Association uses Acrobat Sign to reduce the average contract signing time from months to just over an hour.

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1,400% faster time to signature.

Merck KGaA, a multinational life sciences company, integrates Acrobat Sign into third-party procurement systems to reduce time-to-signature from 7.5 days to half a day.

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Get documents signed in less than an hour.

Seneca College uses Adobe Document Cloud to replace paper-based workflows with digital ones to get documents signed in under an hour instead of days.


Do more with the systems you already use.

With Adobe Document Cloud solutions, you’ll be up and running quickly. Easy, out-of-the-box integration allows you to use the solutions directly within your CLM system, the Microsoft portfolio, and other applications you rely on every day.