How to redline a document or contract using best practices.

A woman makes edits to a contract agreement and redlines the document.

Redlining helps you create solid, waterproof contracts. Learn the best practices to redline your documents.

All documents and contracts go through several drafts before reaching their final form. Redlining is the process of tracking changes between document drafts. The name derives from those familiar red lines word processing programs add under text when they track changes.

Best practices for redlining.

Appropriate redlining is essential to reaching a successful final document. Here are tips to help you redline documents right.

Contract redlining best practices look a little different in the context of legal documents. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you’re redlining legal documents:

Share review drafts with ease.

Good digital tools make it easy to share documents drafts for redlining. Acrobat Sign integrates with many document editing software options and lets you share your digital documents with a couple of mouse clicks. You can also track document status, and quickly request e-signatures for completed contracts, and password protect the PDF version of the contract.

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