How to handle disability accommodation statement forms.

Discover how the basic disability accommodation process works and how you can improve your employees’ work life.

It’s not easy to live with a disability, but the right accommodations can make it less challenging. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states employers must provide reasonable accommodations to qualifying disabled employees.

This overview details the basic process of how to handle a disability accommodation request form.

Determine if the ADA applies.

Are you an employer with 15 or more employees? If yes, the ADA covers you, and you must provide reasonable disability accommodation. Check whether the employee’s ailment fulfills the definition of “disability” under the ADA. More information is available on the ADA website.

Initiate the review process.

If the employee qualifies as disabled, request proof and a description of the disability from them and their healthcare provider. Review the employee’s job description, and determine whether they can perform their position’s essential functions with the requested accommodation. It’s also helpful to have a conversation with the employee about what limitations their disability imposes and how they can be best addressed.

Determine the accommodations.

Make a decision on the accommodations and carefully document it. For example, you could move the employee to another role, install accessibility equipment, or change the employee’s work hours.

The ADA says the accommodation shouldn’t impose “undue hardship” on the employer. However, be careful if you’re attempting to reject an accommodation request due to this clause. It could open the door to litigation.

Inform the employee.

Finally, have your HR department notify the employee of your decision and the possible new accommodations. Let them know when the accommodations start and how you’ll evaluate their performance. Make sure HR keeps copies of all documentation.

Make the review process digital.

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