How to make a lawn maintenance or landscaping invoice.

A man sitting at his desk surrounded by plants uses his laptop to create a landscaping invoice.

Learn how to easily create a landscaping or lawn maintenance invoice and what necessary line items should be in every standard invoice.

Your landscaping business may be about creativity and design, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t taking care of business at the same time. Custom-branded garden, lawn maintenance, and landscaping invoices can help to get you paid faster. Read on to learn how to make landscaping invoices that can be used time and time again.

What to include in a landscaping invoice.

Just like a beautifully maintained lawn or garden, having a well-designed, easy-to-read invoice makes a good impression on your clients. Give clear and concise information to help get paid promptly. Here are some essentials to include:

How to make an invoice for landscaping.

Streamline your invoicing for landscaping or lawn maintenance with two options: customize a Word or Excel template and save it as a PDF, or use accounting software with a landscaping invoice template for more efficient invoice creation and management. Your choice depends on your preference and business needs.

1. Create a landscape invoice in Word or Excel.

The first is to create a simple editable document.

  1. Find a template. Start by searching online for free gardening invoice templates available in Word or landscaping invoice templates in Excel.

  2. Select your preferred format. Choose the format that suits your needs for your landscaping invoice.

  3. Create an editable document. Once you’ve chosen the template, open it and create a simple, editable document. Input your business information, such as your company name, address, and contact details.

  4. Save as a template. If you plan to use the same or similar format for future invoices, be sure to save your edited document as a blank template. This will save you time when generating invoices in the future.

  5. Convert to PDF. And before sending the document or spreadsheet, you can easily convert to PDF so it’s safe and read-only.

2. Use software and a landscaping invoice template.

The second method involves using accounting software. This allows you to easily generate invoices, save client information, and attach your banking details for prompt payment.

  1. Choose accounting software. Select accounting software for efficient invoicing.

  2. Set up a profile. Customize your profile with business details and logo.

  3. Create an invoice template. Design a unique landscaping invoice template.

  4. Input client information. Add client details for future transactions.

  5. Include payment details. Attach payment information for quick transactions.

  6. Generate invoices. Create invoices, list services, and calculate totals.

  7. Review and send. Double-check for accuracy and send invoices to clients.

  8. Track payments. Keep tabs on payments and outstanding invoices.

  9. Generate reports. Utilize software for financial insights and reporting.

How to send a lawn maintenance invoice to the client.

Once you’ve learned how to make a landscaping invoice, the next crucial step is understanding how to send an invoice efficiently to ensure timely payments for your landscaping services. To help you navigate this process smoothly, here are the steps for sending a lawn maintenance invoice effectively:

  1. Review and verify. Double-check the invoice for accuracy, ensuring that all services and charges are correctly listed.

  2. Attach supporting documents. If applicable, attach any supporting documents, such as photos or notes related to the services provided.

  3. Send via email. Create a professional email with a clear subject line and a friendly message. Attach the invoice as a PDF or use an invoicing tool to send it directly.

  4. Include payment details. Provide your preferred payment methods, due date, and any late payment penalties, if applicable.

  5. Follow up. If the payment due date passes without receiving payment, send a polite follow-up email to remind the client about the outstanding invoice.

  6. Keep records. Maintain a record of all sent invoices and payments received for your financial records.

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