What is a liability waiver form?

A woman in a living room uses her laptop to create a liability waiver form.

Injuries happen. Protect yourself and your company from potential lawsuits by having customers or clients sign a liability waiver form.

In the world of adventurous activities and services, the unexpected is part of the experience. To safeguard your business and establish clear boundaries, it’s essential to have participants sign a liability waiver form.

What is a waiver of liability form and its purpose?

A liability waiver form is a legal contract that educates one party about the risks associated with an activity. Once signed, it prevents the participant from opening a lawsuit against the company in the event of damage or loss, effectively shifting responsibility for injuries from the company to the customer.

Such forms are common for companies whose businesses include some inherent amount of risk. For example, if your company offers horseback riding lessons, it’s a good idea to have customers sign a liability waiver form before they get on a horse.

Key info to include in a liability waiver form.

Liability waiver forms vary depending on the company and industry, but there are certain elements common on most forms. Here’s a list of the most important information to include in your liability waiver form:

At the end, leave a space for the reader to add their signature. This shows that they’ve read and agree with the form.

Why is a liability waiver form necessary?

A liability waiver form is an essential protective measure for businesses, especially for those that offer services or activities with inherent risks. Here’s a list of other reasons why a liability waiver form is necessary:

  1. Legal protection. In the event of an incident, having a waiver of liability from a PDF signed by the participant can offer a layer of legal defense to the business. This can be key in cases where individuals decide to take legal action against a company or an organization.

  2. Documented evidence. When participants sign a liability waiver form PDF, businesses have it easier to archive, organize, access, and produce these forms as evidence if legally required.

  3. Financial security. Even if a business is not at fault in an incident, the legal process of a lawsuit can be costly and drain a business’s financial resources. A well-drafted waiver of liability form PDF can deter frivolous lawsuits and protect a company’s finances.

  4. Risk mitigation. Understanding and acknowledging risks means participants are more likely to be cautious. When individuals know what’s at stake, as outlined in the liability waiver form, they are more likely to act responsibly.

Create a reusable waiver of liability form in PDF.

Turning your waiver of liability form into a reusable PDF can benefit your business and ensure you never overlook essential details.

Here’s a list of the benefits of creating a reusable waiver of liability form PDF:

To make the process easier, you can also use electronic signature software like Adobe Acrobat. That way, customers can sign a PDF online for your liability waiver form remotely with the click of a button, so you don’t have to worry about printers, scanners, and filing cabinets.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat to simplify the creation and authorization of legal documents for your business.