Deliver 100% paperless signing experiences with Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Add Acrobat Sign Solutions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, or Field Service

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Speed the signing process with Acrobat Sign, Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution.​

When you add Acrobat Sign e-signatures and automated workflows to your everyday business processes, you'll eliminate manual, inefficient tasks and deliver a 100% digital signing experience to your clients and customers.​

NEW! In addition to the integration with Dynamics 365 Sales, Acrobat Sign now supports the Field Service and Customer Service modules so you can add Acrobat Sign e-signature capabilities to even more of your document workflows.​

Easy. Acrobat Sign makes it easy to send documents for e-signature that recipients can view, sign and track from any browser or device.​

Efficient. Accelerate document cycle times, get real-time notifications of signature status, and eliminate costs associated with paper, printing, mailing, and storage.​

Connected. Use Acrobat Sign right from within Dynamics 365 so your team’s workflows are uninterrupted. Plus, Acrobat Sign add-ins are available for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.​

Compliant. Acrobat Sign e-signatures are secure, legally-binding, and globally compliant with the strictest standards. Plus every signed document is securely stored with an audit trail and protected with a tamper-evident seal.​​

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Lifetime Training
"Now, with Acrobat Sign integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our agents can populate a contract while on the phone talking to a prospect, and press send. The prospect can electronically sign while on the phone with us without any hold up. It’s a far more engaging process."

— Piran Scott, Divisional Finance Director, Lifetime Training| Hitachi Solutions
"The integration between Acrobat Sign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ultimately benefits our bottom line by allowing us to complete contracts faster so staff can start working on client projects much sooner.”

— Simon Drake, Senior Vice President and UK General Manager, Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd.

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