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What are systems of agreement?

A system of agreement is how a company prepares, signs, enacts, and manages written agreements. This can include service agreements, license agreements, warranties, or any other contract or agreement your company generates in the course of doing business.

Why every company needs a system of agreement.

When your business signs an agreement with another party, it has major ramifications for how you operate. The conditions of this agreement may include things like the effective date that you’ll begin rendering services, or provisions determining who gets the intellectual property rights to what your company creates.

As a result, it’s important to have a foolproof process for generating these agreements so you always know what your company is signing on to.

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How modern systems of agreement affect core business units.

Managing a business’s system of agreements generates a lot of paperwork, which can create company-wide complications. But by using a system of digital documents, online signatures, and cloud storage, you can save time and cut waste by eliminating manual processes — which has beneficial effects in every department.


When you’re trying to make a sale, time is of the essence. Digital systems of agreement speed up your sales cycle by increasing efficiency at every step in the process. Instead of emailing a draft contract to a client and waiting for them to review and sign it, you can send it as a digital document and get a notification as soon as they apply an electronic signature. Now you can complete sales contracts that once took weeks to close in just a few business days, freeing up your sales team to find more new business.


Switching to digital documents makes life easier for your IT department by allowing them to track document changes and authorizations through the forms themselves without having to use separate software. Digitized documents also offer robust security and encryption options to help keep confidential information private.


When your company’s invoices and purchase orders are all digital, it’s simple to save every document for as long as you need them without having to dedicate office space to filing and storage.

Human resources

As your company grows, digitized systems of agreement simplify the hiring and benefit enrollment processes that come with each new employee. Transmitting NDAs, offer letters, disclaimers, and company handbooks electronically gets necessary information into new hires’ hands as quickly as possible and makes it easy for them to send back the completed agreements. This streamlines the hiring process so you can get the best talent onboarded as soon as possible.

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Streamline every workflow with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Acrobat Sign comes equipped with a suite of features to help you manage agreements for any department at every stage of their lifecycle.

  • E-signatures take the guesswork out of getting signatures on a contract. Acrobat Sign allows you to route documents to signers in a specific order and tracks who has and who hasn’t applied their signature yet, so you can follow up with the stragglers and get your entire agreement completed in no time.
  • With automation tools, you can create forms that guide recipients through every step of the document cycle, using trigger events and conditional logic to direct signers from one task to the next. And from Acrobat Sign’s dashboard you can manage all your documents that are out in the wild, so you can tell at a glance which ones are about to be returned and which recipients need a nudge to finish their work.
  • Best of all, Acrobat Sign Solutions integrates seamlessly with industry standard platforms to merge tasks with your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) workflow. This makes it easy to combine internal and external approval of documents, select the most current version of an agreement, and repopulate forms with clients’ contact information.

Digital systems of agreement have the power to transport your business into the future. And Adobe Acrobat Sign makes that journey as smooth as possible.

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