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Understanding itemized receipts.

Learn what to include in itemized receipts and how to store them.

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A person digitally scans an itemized receipt.

What is an itemized receipt?

  • An itemized receipt is a detailed receipt that breaks down every cost.
  • They’re useful for tax deductions and filling out expense reports.
  • Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign make it easy to create and store itemized receipts.

What’s the difference between a receipt and an itemized receipt?

A receipt provides proof of payment for a good or service, recording how much money changed hands between two parties during the transaction, while an itemized receipt shows the cost of each item in your order. The credit card slip you get from a cashier at a small convenience store is one example of a simple receipt: it shows how much your card was charged and not much else.

If you want a more thorough account of where your money went, you’ll need an itemized receipt, which breaks down the full cost of each individual item purchased as well as any sales taxes or fees that factor into the total amount you paid. You might get an itemized receipt listing everything you bought at the grocery store, or the cost of all the parts and labor that went into fixing your car at a mechanic’s shop.

What information should an itemized receipt include?

An itemized receipt needs to include several key pieces of information:

  • Name of the business
  • Business’s address and phone number
  • Receipt number
  • Date of service
  • Price of each purchased item
  • Taxes, fees, and discounts
  • Method of payment
A photo of a person analyzing an itemized receipt on a tablet.
A photo of a person checking their itemized receipts.

When should I ask for an itemized receipt?

There are many situations where it’s useful to have an itemized receipt, whether you’re seeking reimbursement for business expenses, writing a purchase off on your taxes, or just trying to keep better track of your finances.

Medical bills

If you’re trying to deduct medical expenses for yourself, your spouse, or any dependents on your taxes, you’ll need to provide an itemized list of every cost, from specialist procedures to prescriptions and tests.

Business expenses

When you make purchases using a company credit card — or if you want to be reimbursed for office supplies, travel, or other expenses — an itemized receipt helps your company’s accounting department verify that the money was spent for business purposes.


If you’re self-employed or own a small business, it can be helpful to request and keep itemized receipts for every business-related purchase you make, as they can be written off on your taxes later. If you work from home, even your utility bills and rent or mortgage payments might be deductible.

An image of an itemized receipt being electronically signed on a mobile phone using Adobe Acrobat Sign.

PDF tools make receipts simple.

Keeping track of so many different receipts can be a daunting task. But by using apps like Adobe Scan paired with Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can easily digitize, organize, and store every receipt you need for tax time and beyond.

Take your receipts digital.

With a free mobile scanning app like Adobe Scan, you can turn any paper receipt into an easy-to-store, easy-to-find digital file. Adobe Scan uses your phone’s or tablet’s camera to capture any document, form, or even whiteboard and convert it to a high-quality PDF. It automatically corrects the photo’s perspective, sharpens text for easy reading, and removes glare and shadow.

As you scan each receipt, it’s easy to save them and organize them into custom folders directly from the app, which you can access from any Acrobat desktop, web, or mobile app. And the Adobe Liquid Mode feature automatically reformats headings, paragraphs, and images to make your document easily readable on screens of any size.

Make your mark.

Once your receipts are digitized, you can still mark them up using a document signing app like Adobe Acrobat Sign. All it takes is a few clicks in Adobe Acrobat Sign to add your signature to receipts so you can confirm that you’ve reviewed them.

No matter what you need an itemized receipt for, Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat Sign have the tools to make saving it a snap.