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3 Ways High-Performing Teams Use AI Assistant for Adobe Acrobat

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In the era of information overload, businesses are looking for intuitive and secure applications for generative AI to drive faster time to insight and reduce mundane document tasks.

Join our on-demand webinar to learn how successful teams are using powerful new AI capabilities in Adobe Acrobat to quickly summarize PDFs, surface document insights, and draft deliverables.

Through helpful demos, we’ll show you how to:

  • Outline documents with the one-click generative summary
  • Ask specific questions and get cited answers with AI Assistant
  • Ask AI Assistant to format information into top takeaways, text for emails, presentations, reports, and more

Register today and explore how Acrobat can alleviate daily pain points for every team in the tools they use every day.


Alex Gay
Senior Director of Acrobat

Lori DeFurio
Principal Evangelist