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Due to the impact of the past year events, businesses have found themselves with the need to support the “new-normal” as they are forced to a new reality: where employees work from anywhere and paper processes have gone digital.

In today’s “work from anywhere” situation, businesses are expediting their move towards digital adoption. Business continuity and agility are at the top of every strategic discussion.

Many companies were unprepared to quickly and effectively adapt to the new normal, exposing fundamental gaps in their business resilience.

Becoming digitally resilient requires rapidly adapting to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities and making changes in work and customer-orientation.

And all of this must be underwritten by enterprise-grade security and risk principles. Whether you are in a highly regulated industry like banking, government or education, or looking to respond to the Government’s smart nation initiative in a risk-averse way, data residency should also be at the heart of your innovation investment decisions.

Take a deep dive into how Adobe can help businesses accelerate their digital document productivity and capabilities through Adobe Document Cloud.


Rajesh Patil
Head - Territory & Channel Sales
Adobe SEA

Rajesh leads the mid market and channel teams for the Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud Business in Southeast Asia.

Rajesh is passionate about helping content creators and knowledge workers boost their productivity thru mobility, ease of use and AI for those mundane tasks which allows people to focus on creativity and higher value work. Always keen on digitizing document workflows and “Less Paper Office” for knowledge workers. He has been with Adobe for more than 16 years and is a first hand witness to most talked about Digital Transformation journey today.