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Top 5 PDF tips and tricks with Adobe Acrobat.

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Across industries and job functions, PDF is the currency of modern work. It’s how organizations worldwide share vital information that moves business faster.

Check out our webinar Top 5 PDF tips and tricks with Adobe Acrobat for expert insights to improve and accelerate how your team works with documents. When you need everyone on the same page for document workflows, Acrobat’s got it.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Combining and organizing multiple files into an editable PDF
  • Easily creating, filling, and signing PDF forms on any device
  • Editing PDFs to update text and images
  • Protecting and securing your PDF
  • Sharing a PDF and gathering comments for real-time collaboration

Watch today to get more comfortable working with PDFs across desktop, web, and mobile.


  • Lori DeFurio - Product Evangelist, Adobe