5 ways PDFs can help improve work productivity.

A woman sitting at a desk in an office space types on her laptop, using PDFs to improve work productivity.

There is always room for more work productivity. Here are five ways PDFs can improve work from day to day.

As a professional in almost any field, PDFs are an important component of projects and presentations. You can use PDFs to fill and sign documents, merge multiple PDF files, simplify document collaboration, assure top-notch security, and maintain formatting across devices. Read on to learn more about how PDFs can help improve work productivity.

1. Use PDFs to fill and sign documents.

The working world is filled with forms and contracts. Especially if you’re a freelancer or in human resources, the ability to fill and sign forms quickly and easily greatly increases your work productivity.

With a PDF, you can create fillable fields that someone else can complete without altering the rest of the form. Plus, they can add their legal signature with the click of a button, making your forms and contracts official.

Learn how to autofill PDF forms effortlessly and streamline the process of filling and signing documents with ease, taking full advantage of the benefits that PDFs offer.

2. Merge multiple PDF files.

Need to send several documents to someone? Most email platforms limit the number of attachments you can include, but you can solve the problem with PDFs.

It’s easy to merge several documents into one manageable PDF file. Then, you don’t have to worry about attachment limits or losing important information. It’ll all be there in one easy-to-read document.

3. Simplify document collaboration with PDFs.

It’s often helpful to be able to collaborate on a document with a co-worker. PDFs help you skip the frustrating back-and-forth by letting you leave comments, sticky notes, and more right on the document. To make it even easier, you can edit PDFs online right from your web browser using software like Adobe Acrobat online services — no software downloads necessary.

4. Worry less about security and focus on work productivity.

Collaboration means sharing your files. Sharing files could leave you exposed to security threats unless you use PDFs. PDFs are highly secure documents that conform to industry and governmental security standards, so you never have to worry when collaborating with colleagues.

5. Maintain PDF formatting across devices.

Avoid the formatting issues brought on by viewing documents on different devices. PDFs are viewable on just about every device and maintain their formatting every time. That way, you can spend less time fixing formatting issues and more time completing projects.

Why PDFs are important for work productivity.

Part of being your most productive self is using your resources to work smarter, not harder. By spending less time worrying about document security, you can focus on important tasks that directly impact project messaging. PDFs are easy to share and look the same across all devices, so you don’t need to spend time asking if fonts and formatting look okay from another person’s computer.

Working on projects with co-workers is simple — everyone can comment and edit the same document without leaving the app or online site. PDFs improve efficiency by ensuring a clean, readable end product and a format that can be shared throughout organizations easily — keeping everyone on the same page.

Examples where PDFs can improve work productivity.

Digital documents help businesses share documents quicker and save on paper and ink costs. PDFs do all that and host several features that improve security and allow teams to make edits all in one place while seeing the same document on any device.

In any business, there are always some contracts or forms that need to be filled out. Fillable PDF forms save yourself and other potential signees the time it would take to either print or digitally edit a signature one by one into each blank space. PDFs are more secure and not as easy to manipulate without the proper permissions, making them the ideal format for sharing and presenting.

Because PDFs prevent unauthorized access, the right people will be able to comment and edit as needed, and the document is less likely to be changed unintentionally. These benefits save your team the time and hassle of cleaning up accidental edits made later on or handling security threats.

Discover what more you can do with Adobe Acrobat to work with PDFs and maximize your work productivity.