How to combine Word documents.

It’s easier to send and manage one file rather than several. Learn how to combine Word documents into one easy-to-use file using online PDF editing software.

Nobody likes dealing with dozens of files in even more folders. To simplify management of your documents — not to mention sharing capabilities — combine your Word documents into one PDF to make it easy to store and send.

Convert the Word documents to PDF.

The easiest way to combine Word documents into one file is to convert them first. PDFs are the best file format for sending documents without losing your formatting. They’re also easier to work with and merge if you want to create more manageable file sizes.

How to combine word documents

To convert your Word documents online, visit a PDF editing website like Adobe Acrobat online services first. Then, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Upload the Word document you want to convert.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Let the software do its magic.
  4. Download your new PDF file.

Repeat the process for as many Word documents as you want to combine into one file.

Merge the PDF files.

With all your Word documents saved as PDFs, it’s time to merge them all together. It’s just as easy to merge PDFs online as it was to convert them. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the PDF merge website.
  2. Upload all the PDFs you want to combine.
  3. Change the order of the files, if necessary.
  4. Click Merge files.
  5. Download your new PDF.

All the files will combine into a single PDF, making them much easier to manage and share. Instead of sending or saving multiple Word documents, you only have to worry about one PDF.

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