Learn to convert Chrome to PDF or PDF to Chrome HTML.

A woman sitting in a chair converts Chrome to PDF and PDF to Chrome HTML on her laptop.

There are great reasons to convert a web page to PDF and other reasons to convert a PDF to HTML. This article gives you the steps for both kinds of conversion.

PDF is the most universally used digital document format. HTML is the current standard for online web pages. When you need them, you can convert from HTML to PDF and from PDF to HTML quickly and easily. And it takes only a few, simple steps.

How to convert Chrome to PDF.

Have you ever wanted to save a web page so you can refer to it when you are offline or share it with someone else? Or maybe you want to capture a web page as it is right now because it might change later. These are just two of the great reasons to convert a web page to PDF and save it to your computer.

Here’s how to convert a Chrome HTML web page to PDF:

  1. Browse to the desired web page.
  2. Click the More Options button — three vertical dots on the far-left of the browser’s top ribbon.
  3. Click on the Print option.
  4. Change Destination to Save As PDF.
  5. Navigate to the location you would like to save your new PDF document and click Save.

Now that your Chrome website page has been transformed into a PDF, you can download to the location of your choice or share it with another friend or co-worker who may also need to easily access the information on the page. Adobe Acrobat ensures that the conversion process is as painless and efficient as possible so you can save and share your Chrome website page as needed. Adobe Acrobat was built to streamline workflow and make adjustments to documents a quick process, so you can easily share your important documents with the people who need them.

Steps to convert a PDF to Chrome HTML.

Sometimes, you might want to open a PDF document from your computer and view it with your browser. This process comes in handy when you’re converting from PDF to HTML.

Here’s how to convert a PDF to a Chrome HTML document:

  1. Use your file explorer to navigate to the desired PDF document.
  2. Right-click on the file and choose Open With > Google Chrome.
  3. Your PDF document will open in a new Chrome browser window.

Converting your PDFs to Chrome HTMLs can help your content reach a wider audience. While you could share a mass email to your friends or co-workers, sharing an HTML can give your content maximum visibility. Making your PDF a Chrome HTML can make it easier for receivers to share the content on social media and for people to find your PDF on the web. Converting your PDF to a Chrome HTML serves as a great option for when you want to create convenience for current subscribers while also reaching new audiences.

How to stop Chrome from converting PDF to HTML.

When you have Chrome set as your default PDF viewer, your PDF files will change into Chrome HTMLs. You can change that with these simple methods:

Method 1 — Fix through file properties.

  1. Open the file properties and right-click on the file that has changed to a Chrome HTML. After you right-click, select Properties from the menu that will appear. Then, a dialog box will appear. Click Change.
  2. After you click the Change button, another dialog box will pop up and ask you to select the app you wish to use to open your PDF file. Choose your default app and click OK.
  3. After choosing your PDF Reader application, you will be directed back to the dialog box. Click the Apply button. Click OK. The files will then be changed from the Chrome HTML to the PDF reader you select.

Method 2 — Fix through system settings.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. In settings, select Apps from the menu bar on the left side.
  3. Choose the Default apps option from the Apps menu.
  4. After choosing default apps, you will be redirected to your list of apps that are installed. Select your default PDF reader (aside from Chrome).
  5. After choosing your PDF reader app, you will be redirected to a list of your file extensions. Choose the .pdf extension.
  6. In the dialog box that will appear, choose your file reader app from the box and click OK.

Explore what’s possible with PDFs.

The convenience of converting between PDF and HTML will keep you as productive as you can be. Web pages saved as PDFs are easily managed using Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat online services tools.

In addition to converting web pages, Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat online services are great for transforming all kinds of documents into PDFs and more. PDFs are one of the most easily viewable, shareable documents and look great on any device. Acrobat was built to make document transformation a smooth process by providing all the tools you need to make adjustments in one place. You can create PDFs, review them, edit, sign, and get signatures when you need them. Collaboration with your teams has never been easier. Acrobat helps your documents evolve with your evolving needs.

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