How to create a teacher observation form.

A teacher creates an observation form with Adobe Acrobat on a laptop computer.

A teacher’s professional development includes formal observation and evaluation. To be objective, classroom observers should always use a well-crafted observation form and checklist.

What needs to go into an effective teacher observation checklist and classroom observation forms? When performing teacher evaluations, it’s essential to use a form that contains a list of items to observe.

What to include on a teacher observation form.

If you go into a teacher observation without a list, you might feel a little lost about what exactly you need to be evaluating. That’s why it’s crucial to create a form beforehand.

You’ll include several of these fields on a teacher observation form:

There are so many options for what you can focus on during your observation. Pare down this list until you have a streamlined form that helps you focus on your priorities for teacher improvement.

Create a teacher observation checklist.

A well-designed teacher observation form will include detailed instructions about the steps to take during the observation period. There are also important things to remember before the observation begins.

Here is a handy list to use before filling out classroom observation forms:

  1. Become familiar with all evaluation criteria before the observation period begins.
  2. Talk with the teacher to make sure they understand the scope and reason for the observation.
  3. Make sure you know the teacher’s professional goals before you begin.
  4. Let the teacher know how long the observation will last.
  5. Give the teacher time to ask questions before and after the observation period.

If you begin by answering all the teacher’s questions about the classroom evaluation process and the observation forms you will be using, they will be more comfortable and confident.

How to format a teacher observation form.

A good checklist for a teacher observation form PDF lets you quickly and easily add text boxes, checkmarks, and a space to add initials or sign electronically. Creating a classroom observation form can also be accomplished by using the tools or forms found in Adobe Acrobat online services.

Convert to a printable teacher observation form PDF.

When your teacher observation form is in a PDF, it’s easier to share or open on any device without formatting problems. PDF has long been the trusted format for printing documents that require formatting, and it could help you have a more printable teacher observation form. It also allows you to ask for legitimate e-signatures from teachers.

To turn your form into a PDF, use the free converter tool from Acrobat online services.

A well-designed PDF form helps to make a more successful process. Discover what more you can do with Adobe Acrobat to create, convert, share, and send PDFs.