How to delete a page in Word on a Mac.

A man sitting at a desk deletes a page in Word on his Mac.

Discover the easy steps for removing a page within a Word document by locating and deleting the page break.

Trying to figure out how to delete a page in Word using a Mac and getting stuck? Proper formatting is essential when creating a document with a professional look and feel — but a polished document isn’t the only benefit of good formatting. Dedicated page breaks help create new pages within your document so you can organize text clearly and prevent any extra paragraphs or wonky alignments. And if you find that you no longer need a particular page — it’s no bother — simply delete it with a few simple steps.

Why delete a page in Word?

There are many reasons why you may want to delete a page in Word. Maybe there is a blank page after your last page of content because you originally had content on that page or Word started a new page for you because you were beginning to type on the last line of the previous page. Leaving blank pages looks disorganized, so you will probably want to remove them prior to presenting your work or sharing it with the world. There also may be information on a page from your report that is unnecessary to share with one of the receivers. You can simply delete that one page.

Steps for how to delete a page in Word on a Mac.

Sometimes, when working on a Word document on a Macbook, you may need to remove an extra page or two. This can happen when multiple people edit and collaborate on the same document, often in professional or educational situations. To delete a whole page, you need to delete the page break. To begin, enter the formatting view and then follow the steps below:

  1. Press Command + 8. This will show all the page breaks between individual pages within your document. You’ll also see paragraph breaks in this view.
  2. Select the page you want to delete. A shaded line indicates where a particular page ends. Drag your cursor over this page break to select it.
  3. Press delete. This will effectively delete the page. You may need to press the Delete key a few times if any extra blank spaces remain.

You can also repeat this process to delete any unnecessary paragraph breaks. Paragraph symbols indicate these breaks. To exit from the formatting view, press Command + 8 again. Once your document is ready, you can convert a Word doc to a PDF for safekeeping or easy sharing with others.

Can I delete a blank page in Word on a Mac?

You can easily delete a blank page in Word on a Mac using the following steps:

  1. Search for a blank page by opening the Navigation pane. To get there, select the View tab and ensure the Navigation pane box is checked. Once the sidebar opens, choose Pages to display all the pages in your document.
  2. In the Navigation pane, choose the blank page you wish to remove.
  3. Press Delete on your keyboard. The blank page should now be gone.

Need more details or still stuck? Check out this guide: How to delete a blank page in Word.

Not working? Why can’t I delete a page in Word?

A common issue that Word users face is difficulty omitting pages. Word keeps a non-deletable end-paragraph that will sometimes get placed on a new, blank page at the end of the document. You can get rid of the blank page by making sure the non-deletable paragraph fits on the preceding page. You can ensure a new page is not started by making the final paragraph very small.

  1. Press Command + 8 to display paragraph marks.
  2. Select the paragraph mark.
  3. Select inside the Font size box, type 01, and hit Enter. The paragraph should now fit on the preceding page, and the blank page should be gone.
  4. Press Command + 8 again to hide the paragraph marks.

If the paragraph still doesn’t fit on the preceding page, you can adjust the bottom margin to be smaller. Choose Layout tab > Margins > Custom Margins, then set the bottom margin to a smaller setting, such as 0.3 inches.

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