Digital nomad packing list and tips.

Install all the applications and soware you need to do your job Woman organizes her bag using a digital nomad packing list.
Learn who digital nomads are and what you need to pack to start working from anywhere in the world.

So, you want to become a digital nomad? The idea of working while traveling is attractive, but you need to prepare well before you hit the road. Use this digital nomad packing list to make sure you have what you need before you start trotting the globe.

What is a digital nomad?

Before we get into digital nomad gear, let’s briefly look at who digital nomads are. Digital nomads are professionals who use technology to work remotely while traveling in foreign countries. They usually work from public facilities that offer internet connectivity, like libraries, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and coworking centers.

Digital nomad packing list must-haves.

Constantly moving from place to place while working means having a setup that can adapt to different, unpredictable circumstances. As you prepare to hit the road and explore the world while working remotely, having the right essentials in your backpack can make all the difference.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive packing list that covers everything you need as a digital nomad. From essential traveling documents that keep you organized to the latest tech gear and storage solutions that ensure your productivity on the go, we’ve got you covered.

Essential digital nomad traveling documents.

Keeping your documents updated can prevent your travels from coming to an abrupt end. Most international travel now also requires health documents, such as vaccination records and COVID-19 test results, so keep them with you at all times. Here is a list of some essential digital nomad traveling documents to make sure you can travel stress-free.

Digital nomad tech gear.

Every digital nomad knows that you’ll need a good laptop and smartphone to effectively work remotely while traveling, but there are a few other pieces of tech gear that are also essential. Here’s a list of tech gear that makes life as a digital nomad a whole lot easier.

Digital nomad gear for storage and travel.

When you’re constantly on the move as a digital nomad, having the right gear for storage and travel is essential to keeping your technology and personal items safe and stored well. Here are some essential items to consider:

Other essential digital nomad gear list items.

There are a few more essential items that can enhance your digital nomad experience. Consider adding these items to your packing list:

Prep required apps and programs before leaving.

Install all the applications and software you need to do your job. Ensure that your video call, chat, office, and other apps are updated and in working order. Consider installing the free Reader app from Adobe, which allows you to open and store PDF files on the go. Here’s a list of the potential applications to consider preparing before leaving on your trip:

Get your digital nomad travel insurance locked down.

While it may seem like an additional expense, travel insurance is essential for protecting yourself and your belongings during your nomadic adventures. Here’s why you need to get your digital nomad travel insurance locked down:

Essential resources for traveling and remote work.

After you triple-check your digital nomad packing list to make sure you have your essentials, read up on our resources to help you work better remotely: