How to double a recipe.

A man and a child follow a recipe using an iPad.

Learn how to double a recipe effortlessly with this guide — whether it’s for unexpected guests or a feast for a crowd.

Most recipes create two to four portions of whatever dish you’re making. This can be a big problem for large families or when your “intimate” dinner party suddenly becomes twelve people.

Why doubling a recipe doesn’t always work.

At first glance, doubling a recipe should be as simple as adding twice the ingredients, right?

Well, as many disappointed home chefs can tell you, it’s rarely that easy. Here are some reasons why simply doubling a recipe might not always work:

Now you understand why doubling a recipe may not always work. But never fear — we’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you double a recipe without ruining the dish.

When attempting to double a recipe, it’s essential to understand that the process doesn’t always yield the desired results. That’s why it’s important to know how to halve a recipe as well.

So, how do you double a recipe?

The biggest pitfall that most cooks encounter is thinking that all ingredients in a recipe are equal. When doubling a recipe, you need to treat various kinds of ingredients differently to recreate the flavor of a dish across more portions.

Let’s get right into the different ways to double a recipe and how you can do that depending on what your needs are:

Separate the ingredients.

To double a recipe, you can start out by separating the ingredients. You can do this by writing each of the ingredients on a notebook or a separate piece of paper. It’s advisable to write the list and amounts down and avoid scaling the recipe in your head.

How to double a recipe’s main ingredients.

Here are some common ingredients and how much of each you should add when doubling a recipe:

How to double a recipe for seasoning and flavor.

Here are some common seasonings and how much you need to add when you’re doubling a recipe:

How to increase a recipe with special ingredients.

Now that you know how to double common ingredients such as fresh produce, herbs, and spices, you can learn more about how to double special ingredients that are exceptions to common recipe rules.

With a bit of practice and a lot of tasting, you’ll find that creating the perfect double recipe is more of an art than a science. Remember, you can always add more of something, but you can’t take it out, so add ingredients slowly until you get just the right flavor.

Essentials to keep in mind when doubling a recipe.

Some other essentials to keep in mind when doubling a recipe are:

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