How to brainstorm business ideas as an entrepreneur.

A woman in an office brainstorms business ideas like an entrepreneur.

Learn how to brainstorm business ideas like successful entrepreneurs and unlock the secrets to exciting new ventures.

A huge part of entrepreneurship is identifying a pain point. A pain point is something that’s frustrating. Or it’s a kink in an otherwise easy process. Or maybe it’s just something annoying. And entrepreneurs use every resource available to find those problems. They lean on past experiences, technology, and even industry research to explore new opportunities.

But the key is what you do after you’ve identified a problem worth solving. So here’s a look into how entrepreneurs come up with ideas and an exercise to get those creative juices flowing.

This piece will teach you how to come up with business ideas in just a few steps.

First, ask yourself these questions.

The first step for how to think of business ideas includes brainstorming. Brainstorming is the method of coming up with ideas to solve a problem you’ve identified. To get into the brainstorming mindset, you can start by asking yourself a few basic questions that will help you start thinking creatively. Some of these questions can be:

Find new ideas to solve old problems.

Once you’ve pinpointed an old problem, it’s time to figure out how to solve it. Your solution has to be either completely new and original or faster, cheaper, and easier than other solutions already out there — which makes it new and original.

Traditional problems often can use fresh perspectives to be solved, and you can easily come up with new ideas and solutions by looking at modern tools.

Let’s explore this with an example. First, identify a problem. In this case, you notice university students complaining about how much they spend on textbooks each semester. So, your next venture could be selling digital textbooks at a lower price. All in all, you’ve found a new way to solve a problem because:

It’s all about finding ways to make something a little easier. If you can do that, you just might have a million-dollar idea on your hands. And remember, sign those papers for patent application papers before it’s too late.

Find new ideas to solve new problems.

When you address new problems, you need to have a high level of awareness and adaptability. When there’s a new challenge that comes up, it usually demands an innovative solution.

Let’s also explore this with an example. With the rise of remote work after the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been new challenges that workers have faced in the workplace. Some of these challenges are related to maintaining team cohesion and mental well-being.

One potential solution could be creating a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze an employee’s stress levels. It would also offer real-time feedback and strategies such as taking mandated breaks, suggesting meditation sessions, or even starting team-building exercises.

How do entrepreneurs come up with ideas?

When exploring the process of how entrepreneurs come up with ideas, delve into the mindset of how to think like an entrepreneur — unlocking the creative and innovative thinking that fuels business success.

Here’s a list of some qualities and thinking strategies an entrepreneur uses to think differently than a normal person:

How to brainstorm business ideas with others.

Now that you know some of the basics of brainstorming, you can start conceptualizing business ideas with others. This can be a productive and effective exercise to come up with ideas faster and more creatively. Some tips to begin putting group brainstorming into practice are:

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