It’s convenient to annotate a PDF on a Chromebook.

A Chromebook laptop.

It’s just as easy to mark up a PDF as it is to share it. Learn how to annotate professional or personal PDFs on your Chromebook in just a few simple steps with Acrobat online.

People work with PDFs for a variety of reasons and often need to indicate edits on their documents. Maybe a report for work requires the latest data. Or a student’s essay needs a grammar makeover. Or even a friend’s novel-in-progress could use some helpful suggestions. You might need to circle visual elements, cross things out, leave comments that apply to specific portions of the text, add text, or leave more general comments — and you don’t want to have to convert the file into another type of document to do it.

You don’t need a special app or software to edit a PDF in cases like these. Adobe Acrobat online services can make those changes with its array of versatile, easy-to-use tools.

How to annotate PDF on Chromebook

To annotate PDF's on a Chromebook:

A Chromebook laptop.

  1. First, click on the Select A File button and choose your desired file — whether it’s on your Chromebook or in the cloud. From any web browser, sign in to Acrobat to annotate in the PDF.
  2. Then, simply choose tools from the toolbar to highlight, strike through, or add text. You can leave comments that explain a specific change in detail or add a sticky note where less detail is needed. You can also draw with a pencil tool if you need to circle copy or images, create arrows, or make other freehand marks.
  3. After you’ve finished annotating, you can download the file, or share it with others via a link or email using the Share dropdown menu.

Your file is now on its way to completion, with your edits clearly pointing the way forward.

Chromebook PDF annotation examples.

Other tools and methods are available for PDF annotation using Acrobat online tools. The icon in the toolbar that looks like a check mark is useful for most quick editing annotations. When this is highlighted, click anywhere to type text or leave a simple check, cross, or dot. You can also circle or cross something out. The last icon in the toolbar lets you add a hand-drawn signature or your initials.

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