Draw on a PDF to enhance editing on a Chromebook.

A Chromebook laptop.

With Adobe Acrobat online services, you can draw directly on a PDF using a Chromebook. It’s easy to point out exactly which edits need to be made or where content needs to be repositioned.

Benefits of drawing on a PDF on a Chromebook.

Sometimes text editing tools aren’t exact enough to help you accurately get your point across. With Acrobat online services, you can mark the new place where an existing image should be relocated, or even use a stylus to sketch out an idea of what the image will look like. You can cross out parts that should be removed, underline sections that need to be changed, highlight important sections , and otherwise annotate with the same systems you have for annotating on paper. Students and teachers can use the drawing tool to take notes and grade freehand just as they would on paper. If you’re working on a project, drawing on a PDF can allow you to visualize changes so you can better communicate with your team.

You can use the drawing tool to:

Tips for drawing on a PDF in your Chromebook.

Once you’re in the drawing tool, you can choose from numerous colors in different shade ranges, as well as select the thickness of the lines you draw by using a scale. If you need to explain your drawing to your project collaborators, just select Note in the sidebar to leave a comment.

You can use the Chromebook’s stylus to access these features and have better, more natural control over what you’re drawing. Don’t forget that you have undo, redo, and erase options for anytime you make a mistake or need to take another look at your drawing.

How to draw on a PDF on a Chromebook.

Follow these steps to draw on a PDF on your Chromebook.

  1. On your Chromebook, navigate to Acrobat online services to Edit PDFs.
  2. Click the blue button labeled “Select a file” or drag and drop your file into the drop zone.
  3. Sign in to your Adobe, Google, or Apple account to edit your document online.
  4. From the toolbar, select the drawing tool to draw freehand on the PDF.

After you finish your markups, click Download to save your file to your device. Alternatively, share a link to the PDF with your collaborators so they can review your edits online.

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