Learn how to convert and save AI files to PDF.

A person sits at a small table using a laptop to convert AI files to PDF files.

AI files are great when you’re working on your own, but not every computer can open them. Learn the difference between AI and PDF files and how to convert AIs into PDFs with this simple tutorial.

AI files vs. PDF files: What’s the difference?

While both PDF and AI files were created by Adobe, there are some fundamental differences between them. Here’s why and how you might use each format.

AI files

AI files are vector files designed for use in Adobe Illustrator, the industry-leading software for artwork and graphic design. The vector format means that the curves, lines, and points are saved in a graph instead of being saved as images made out of a limited amount of pixels. As such, AI files allow your graphics to be infinitely scalable without compromising the image quality.

AI files can be particularly useful for logos and other marketing designs or digital art that might end up on a billboard or otherwise need to be digitally printed at a large scale. The only way to open an AI file is with Adobe Illustrator, so AI is not the most shareable format.

PDF files

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and it lives up to its name. PDFs are perfect for sharing because their format remains unchanged from device to device. If you open a PDF on your phone, it will look the same as it did on your desktop. For this reason, documents, booklets, and eBooks are often saved and shared as PDFs, and they can contain multimedia as well as text.

PDFs also have many capabilities, such as editing, commenting, annotating, and e-signature capabilities, so they can be used online to collaborate remotely in real time. They are easy to secure with password protection. Many companies use PDFs for legal documentation. A PDF could be the perfect format to share a graphic design with someone who doesn’t have Adobe Illustrator.

As a digital illustrator, you will most likely run into a situation where you must convert an AI file into a PDF. There are several ways to complete this task. However, the quickest and simplest method is to use an online PDF converter such as Adobe Acrobat online services.

Converting AIs to PDFs online with ease.

The Acrobat online AI to PDF converter is a simple but powerful tool for converting both to and from PDF. Here’s how the process works:

A person sits at a small table using a laptop to convert AI files to PDF files.

  • Open your favorite web browser and navigate to the Acrobat online tool.
  • Drag and drop the file you want to convert into the converter frame. You can also click the blue button labeled “Select a file” to locate your file manually.
  • Set the conversion settings to your preferences.
  • Once the conversion is complete, download your new file.

If your file is a PDF, but you need to access the editing capabilities of Illustrator, you can convert it back to AI. Use Acrobat online services to convert PDF to AI simply and conveniently.

Convert AIs to PDFs and far more with Acrobat online.

Acrobat online makes it easy to convert PDFs into several file formats, including PDF to Word. Start converting your files and get more things done — from anywhere. Explore everything you can do with Acrobat online services today.