How to prepare for graduation.

As your graduation date gets closer, you will have a million things to do. Creating a checklist will help you get it all done.

Graduation is an exciting time. It may be something you've worked toward for a long time. If you forget an essential step leading up to the big event, though, it could spoil the graduation experience. You may need help getting everything done. Your family and friends will be happy to help out.

Create and share your graduation checklist.

The best way to make sure you remember what needs to get done before your graduation is to create a checklist. Make a list that you can share with others to track each task and see what you still need to do. When using Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat online services, you and your friends can add text, make comments, and share.

Here’s a list of some common things graduates want to remember leading up to the big event:

  1. Make sure you’ve met the graduation requirements.
  2. Order your cap and gown well in advance.
  3. Reserve a photographer for the event.
  4. Design and order invitations.
  5. Reserve a graduation party venue.
  6. Order party favors and refreshments.

Digital documents such as checklists offer advantages over paper notes. When you create a digital graduation checklist, you can include who will complete each item and even a deadline if there is one. Then you can share with family and friends, and everyone can add notes and comments. Don't let your special day fall flat by forgetting a critical task.

Take a moment to discover what else you can do with Acrobat to create and manage checklists of all kinds.