How to redact from a PDF on iPhone.

A woman on an iPhone redacts a PDF.

Need to send a PDF on the go that contains sensitive information? Learn how to redact info from a PDF right from your iPhone.

Certain information you simply don’t want to share. Some documents contain sensitive data like your credit card number, social security number, or home address that you don’t want to share with just anyone. Before sending a document on the go, learn how to redact from a PDF using your iPhone or see the steps on a Mac here.

Redact information manually with a PDF scanner.

If you have a hard copy of the document, you can easily redact information and create secure PDFs with your iPhone. Using the Adobe Scan mobile app, you can take pictures of physical documents and convert them into device-friendly PDFs.

For documents with sensitive information, simply cross out the information with a thick pen or marker — making sure the text or image is completely unreadable — and scan the documents with your iPhone.

If you’re worried that someone might still be able to recover the blacked-out portions of your document, you can cut out the text or images you need to redact with scissors instead of using a pen or marker.

You can also try using completely opaque tape over the sensitive information. As long as the text or image is manually redacted well enough, once the PDF is created, the information will be impossible for anyone to recover — ensuring your data is safe.

Redact PDFs on an iPhone using a PDF editor.

For those who prefer digital redaction methods, you can use the Scan mobile app to send PDFs to your Document Cloud and redact the information using a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat. You can find the redaction tool in the Tools menu or under Edit. Once you save, your redaction is final.

PDF editors don’t simply put colored bars over sensitive information. They completely remove the data from the PDF, making it impossible for even the most tech-savvy individuals to recover. You can send your documents freely without worrying about your information getting into the wrong hands.

How to remove redactions from a PDF on an iPhone.

If your redaction is done properly, you won’t be able to remove redactions after you save your document. This is what makes redacting a PDF with Adobe Acrobat secure for you, your team, or for the clients whose information you’re protecting. Your sensitive or identifying information isn’t just hidden — it’s gone from the PDF.

To prevent accidentally losing important data, make sure that when you redact a file, you’re saving it as a copy instead of saving it over the original file. This is important to do if there is absolutely any chance that you will need access to the information you’re redacting.

If you’re in the middle of redacting a document and you accidentally put a redaction box over the wrong information before you’ve saved, that is good news. Before you save, you can use the undo function to remove redactions from your PDF on your iPhone. You can then go on to redact what you need to. So when it comes to redacting, don’t be too hasty with tapping the save button.

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