How to convert Illustrator files to PDF.

Easily participate in logo and illustration design and learn how to quickly convert Illustrator files to editable PDFs.

If you work with designers, you’ve probably seen an Adobe Illustrator vector file. They’re great for logos and illustrations — they’re lightweight and can be limitlessly enlarged without any loss of quality. But opening and viewing them requires you to have Illustrator on your computer.

For this reason, designers usually export their Illustrator work as PDF or image files. However, sometimes you might receive an original Illustrator file that you need to view. So, we’re here to teach you how to convert Illustrator files to PDF yourself — even without the software.

Turn Illustrator files into workable PDFs.

All you need to convert Illustrator files to PDF is Adobe Acrobat. The process is simple and takes only a moment. Just launch Acrobat and follow these five steps:

  1. Select the Tools view from the top menu bar.
  2. Start the Create PDF tool.
  3. Set your conversion type, either Single File or Multiple Files.
  4. Locate your Illustrator file. You can also simply drag and drop it to the converter.
  5. Begin the conversion. Finalize your PDF by selecting a save location and renaming it.

Get into the design process.

Once you’ve converted the file, you can immediately view it in Acrobat and start giving feedback to the designer. You can also add comments and notes, draw suggestions, compress the file to make it easier to share, and much more.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat today.