How to turn Outlook emails into PDF files.

Get more out of your emails by turning them into PDFs. Learn how to print emails into PDF files directly from Outlook.

You log into your email with Outlook and notice you’ve received an important message. You urgently need to share it, but simply forwarding it won’t do. Maybe you need to add some comments or notation before sending the message forward. What should you do?

The answer is simple — turn the message into an editable and user-friendly PDF. This brief guide shows you how to convert an Outlook email to PDF with only a few clicks.

Adobe Acrobat includes a digital printer function that makes converting emails to PDF a cinch. Here’s how to use it:

In Outlook, select File > Print to bring up the printer dialog.

Under printer options, select Adobe PDF as the active printer.

Set your print settings, like page range and orientation, just as you would for a paper printer.

Once everything looks good, select Print.

Choose a save location and name your PDF file.

Select OK to finalize the print.

Although this guide is written for Outlook, the PDF printer will work on any email client.

Bring your attachments along for the ride.

If you need to convert an Outlook email to PDF with attachments, you can do this in one of two ways. You can print all attachments into PDF by selecting the attachment icon below the message header, and then selecting Attachments > Actions > Quick Print. It works exactly like printing the email itself.

Alternatively, you can use the Create PDF tool to merge your original attachments into one PDF with your email. Simply launch Acrobat, start the Create PDF tool, and drag and drop your email and attachments into the PDF converter. You can organize and rearrange pages before finalizing the PDF.

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