How to get the most out of a presentation appendix.

Learn what a presentation appendix is and how to benefit fully from using it when you give presentations.

Time is of the essence when giving a presentation. That’s why you often can focus only on the main points of your message. But there’s so much more useful information on the topic — how can you share it with your audience?

The answer is to include a presentation appendix. Read on to learn what a presentation appendix is and what’s the best way to implement it.

What is a presentation appendix?

A presentation appendix is a collection of additional information or content like a book appendix. An appendix can contain deeper insights on key topics, links to useful websites, or names of important books. It can help interested audience members learn more about your presentation topic.

How to include a presentation appendix.

The easiest way to make a presentation appendix is to draft it while creating your presentation. You can add the appendix on one or two slides at the end of the slideshow. PowerPoint allows you to hide slides, so you can use the same file to give your presentation without worrying about distracting your audience with the appendix.

Share the appendix with your audience.

If you want to share your slides after the presentation, it helps to convert them to a PDF file first. Unlike PowerPoint files, PDFs work on any device. Your audience can read them when and where they want.

To include your appendix at the end of your presentation, simply unhide the appendix slides and convert your PowerPoint file. You could also split the appendix into a separate PDF. Then your audience doesn’t have to scroll through the entire presentation to get to it.

With an appendix, you can concentrate on making your presentation brief and to the point. You can then share the appendix as a PDF to give more information to those who genuinely care about your topic.