How to batch convert JPG images on a Mac.

Converting photos from one image type to another is a useful trick. Learn how to convert a batch of JPG images on a Mac.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, learning to work with images will help you express your ideas clearly and efficiently. There are many different types of image files, and some only work with certain software. Knowing how to convert images from one file type to another will allow you to use the best photos to tell your story.

Steps for converting a batch of image files using Preview.

JPG is the most common image format. These files are ideal for sharing, storing, and displaying on websites because the JPG compression algorithm significantly reduces the size of the file. You can also change from JPG to other file types. To batch change a .jpg to .jpeg Mac files, follow these instructions:

  1. Hold down the Command key in a Finder window and select the images you want to convert. If they’re all grouped, hold down Shift and click the first and then the last file. With this action, you can select them all at once.
  2. With Preview preselected as your default image viewer, double-click one of the selected images to open them all.
  3. Click inside the Preview sidebar.
  4. From the Preview menu bar, select Edit, then Select All, or use the Command+A keyboard shortcut to select all the open images.
  5. Select File, then Export Selected Images.
  6. Choose a location for your converted images.
  7. Select JPG as the image type from the Format drop-down, then click Choose.

You can also use Adobe Acrobat online tools to convert JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, and many other image file types to PDFs. Converting to the PDF format makes it easy to share and save all kinds of documents securely. Conversely, there may be instances where you need to convert your PDF into a JPG or other image file types to get a specific job done. Whatever the case, Adobe Acrobat online has the tools for every PDF job.

There’s much more you can do with Acrobat online services, so take a moment and explore.