How to cite a PDF.

For an article or book, you can cite a PDF as a reference. Here’s what you need to know.

As the writer of a book, article, or scholarly paper, you may need to cite an online PDF as a reference. A PDF source you find on the web can represent a customized document, a newspaper or magazine article, or an entire book or white paper in PDF form. The citation style you choose needs to align with the specific source. Let’s take a quick look at your options.

Take these steps to cite a PDF.

First of all, when you look at the PDF, try to establish if it has an original source, like another book, article, or paper. If that is the case, then cite the PDF as thoroughly as possible, just as you would for those original sources. Your goal is to identify an author, title, publication, date, year, page range, and URL. If it’s a document created specifically for the web, then cite whatever info you can find from the list above.

As for the citation style, you should use the style of the person or organization requesting the written piece. If it’s all your project, you call the shots; however, organizations or businesses usually prefer a specific, established style. The most popular ones are APA Style (American Psychological Association), Chicago Manual of Style, or AP Stylebook (Associated Press).

These are the main things to consider when you cite a PDF. If you want to combine or edit your own PDFs, you can explore what Adobe Acrobat online services can do. For even more capabilities, check out what Acrobat offers.