How to print a PDF on a Mac.

Some essential documents should be kept in a safe place where you can reach them without technology. This article explains the steps to print a PDF document on a Mac.

Even in a world where nearly everyone is trying to use less paper, there are lots of reasons to print documents. It might be a form from the government or your healthcare provider that you should fill out and return. Other times you may want to keep a paper copy of a document securely in your files. Here’s how to print a PDF on Mac computers.

Steps to print a PDF on a Mac.

Many people have decided to use only digital documents and some don’t know how to print from their computers. Digital files are easy to use and require no space for storing documents, but there are still plenty of reasons to print important PDFs and other documents.

Follow these simple steps to print a PDF on your Mac:

  1. With the PDF open, click File and select Print or press Command+P.
  2. In the Print dialog that opens, make sure your printer is selected.
  3. You can view the PDF in the preview window and adjust your settings.
  4. Click Print.

To easily share and store documents, convert them to PDFs. You can use your computer’s word processing software or convert documents to PDF files using tools in Adobe’s Acrobat online services. Then, if you want a paper copy for your records, it’s simple to print one.

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