How to redact a PDF on a Mac.

Permanently remove or hide sensitive information from a PDF in a few simple steps with your Mac.

When you need to share a PDF with another person, business, or other party, sometimes you might need to hide sensitive data. Social security numbers, email addresses, or other types of personal information can be redacted from a PDF in a few clicks on a Mac.

Here’s how to redact a PDF on a Mac so you can protect yourself and others from potential security threats.

Permanently remove content.

Replace images and content you want redacted from a document with a few clicks. Open the PDF you want to edit in a PDF management tool, such as Adobe Acrobat, and then follow these steps:

  1. Select the Redaction tool from the navigation menu.
  2. Choose how you want redacted content to look (for example, replace content with a blank space or a black box).
  3. Click on or highlight the content you want to redact.

Remember to apply and save all redactions before sharing the PDF document.

Find and remove content in bulk.

To remove groups of sensitive content at once, start with the Redaction tool again. Use the Search or Find feature to type in the text you wish to remove and filter accordingly. For example, you can:

Again, you’ll need to apply and save all redactions in the document before you share it.

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