How to write and type on a PDF using a PC.

Learn how to edit and create text in a PDF right from your PC.

PDFs make it easy to view documents on almost any device, but editing isn’t always as straightforward. If you want to write on a PDF file from your PC, here’s the easiest way to do it.

Edit existing text in the PDF.

If you need to change some information, you can edit existing PDF text from your PC in three simple steps:

For people who don’t want to download a PDF editor, you can also write in PDFs from your web browser with Adobe Acrobat online services. Simply upload your PDF to the online editor, make your changes, and download the updated PDF to your PC — no software downloads required.

Add new text to a PDF.

Sometimes, it takes more than a few edits to get your PDF exactly right. Writing new text on a PDF file is a bit different than editing existing text, but it’s still easy with Acrobat — just follow the steps below:

Once you have your additions, you can resize and edit the text blocks to make them fit the PDF. Then, hit the Save button to permanently add your text to the PDF.

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