How to search a PDF on an iPad.

Discover the five simple steps needed to search and explore a PDF on an iPad.

With just a few, simple steps, your PDF searching process can become more streamlined and efficient than ever. Interested? You’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn a useful shortcut that teaches you how to automate searching PDFs — specifically when using your iPad.

Five simple steps for searching a PDF on an iPad.

Mobile PDF searching can be simple — especially when it comes to using your iPad. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps for navigating through PDFs on your iPad.

  1. Navigate to the PDF reader on your iPad — launch the application.
  2. Select the specific PDF you want to search.
  3. Look toward the upper right on your screen and find the magnifying glass.
  4. Tap the magnifying glass.
  5. Type in the text you want to locate and navigate through the search results.

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