How to search a PDF on Windows 10.

Discover a quick and easy shortcut to help you search a PDF with your PDF reader on Windows 10.

If you — and your eyes — are tired of manually scanning your PDFs for specific words or phrases, then there’s good news to share. There’s a simple, easy-to-learn function that can help you automatically search your content to help you pinpoint what you need.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to learn how to search content in Windows 10.

How to search content in Windows 10.

Once you learn how to search a PDF on any type of computer or operating system, the process is relatively interchangeable. There are only a few, small differences between searching content in Windows 10 compared to other versions of Windows or Mac operating systems.

Here is a step-by-step guide that outlines how to search content in Windows 10 — no matter what computer or PDF reader you have.

  1. Open your PDF with your default PDF reader.
  2. Press the control (CTRL) button and the F key simultaneously.
  3. A text box will pop up — type in the keyword or phrase you want to locate in the box.
  4. The first matching word or phrase will be highlighted in the PDF.
  5. Use the arrows or the Enter key to navigate between the results.

Change the way you work with PDFs.

The process of searching a PDF has never been simpler with this quick shortcut — never again will you be stuck manually scanning a document to find a specific word, phrase or section.

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