The ease of an online electronic permission slip.

A woman uses her laptop to create an online permission slip.

Discover the convenience of online permission slips for parents. No more paper slips to remember. Learn their benefits today.

When schools use online permission slips, they can avoid using paper forms that are bulky to store. Electronic documents can be saved on a computer hard drive and allow parents to give their permission within minutes. Posting permission slips online is easy to do, and parents can access them right from the school’s website.

What is an online permission slip?

An online permission slip refers to a digital form or system that replaces the traditional paper-based method of obtaining consent or authorization for various activities, such as school field trips, extracurricular events, or medical treatments. It allows parents, guardians, or participants to complete and submit the necessary information and consent electronically, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and streamlining the entire process. Digital permission slips offer convenience, accessibility, and efficiency, enabling organizers to collect, manage, and track permissions more effectively while reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Advantages of digital permission slips vs. paper permission forms.

Digital permission slips have revolutionized the way schools obtain consent and authorization for various activities. By replacing traditional paper-based forms with online platforms, the process has become more efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly. Here are some key advantages of digital permission slips that you won’t get from paper permission forms:

Creative ideas for using electronic permission slips.

Almost every parent knows what it feels like to realize at the last minute that they forgot to send in written permission for their child to participate in an important event. To make it easier, you can create an online field trip permission slip template that can be easily shared, signed, and managed digitally. You can fill and sign a PDF online permission slip with ease, whether you choose to complete one in minutes or create your own electronic permission slip using Adobe Acrobat online services.

Parents can use an online permission slip to:

Using PDFs for electronic permission slips.

Schools can easily create a new online permission slip for each use. Within moments, school administrators can design a PDF with the necessary information and notify parents that it’s ready for use, saving time, paper, and stress.

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