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Explore 5 school forms that you can sign remotely.

Learn how digital signatures can help you quickly and easily fill out the most common kinds of school forms.

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How e-signatures make school forms simpler.

  • Sign permission forms, applications, and enrollment forms on your phone in just a few taps.
  • Send and share school forms with other parents, teachers, and organizations using email.
  • Quickly add signatures to PDFs, Excel sheets, and Word documents.

Explore the ins and outs of school forms.

Whether a child is starting pre-K or enrolling in college, school forms are a fact of life for parents and schools. From parent permission slips for a field trip to the zoo to financial aid applications, filling out forms takes place at every level of education.

But parents and teachers no longer need to print, sign, and submit physical forms — a process that can be time consuming and unorganized. Keeping track of paperwork can be simpler for all parties with apps that make it easy to remotely track and manage important school documents from anywhere. And when you can legally and securely sign electronic documents in a snap, it’s a process that can quickly be done on any device.

There’s no one-size-fits-all school form. Take a look at these common documents that can easily be turned into e-docs to help streamline school processes and make signing easier for parents and guardians.

1. School registration forms.

This form is used when new students enroll in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, music school, or any other educational program. A necessity during the back-to-school season, forms must be filled out at the start of the academic year so schools have all the necessary info on their students. These student registration forms are also used for extracurricular activities throughout the school year. Registration requirements differ between school districts and sometimes need additional immunization and health forms to be included.

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If a student is going on a field trip, participating in an athletic event, or signing up for food services with a lunch application, schools need a parent consent form. Parents and guardians use this document to provide their legal consent for kids to participate in activities and events. These are typically used on an ad-hoc basis for kids in kindergarten through high school.

3. Scholarship and financial aid forms.

Education can be expensive, so scholarship applications and financial aid forms are key when it comes to paying for school. But every scholarship is unique. Students and parents should do research and read the application thoroughly to make sure they include the correct info and submit it on time.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is a common application students and their families submit when applying for college. To qualify for federal aid, students must resubmit this form every year. Many additional scholarships are awarded in the summer, so students should start researching and filling out applications between their junior and senior year of high school.

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4. Class enrollment forms.

When a student begins a specific course, they must fill out a class enrollment form. This type of form most often applies to students in college, but it can occasionally apply to specific classes students take in high school.

These documents often include contact information, details about the student’s academic history, and their extracurricular activities and interests. There may also be a registration fee for a specific class. Students and their families should fill these forms out at the beginning of the school year.

5. College applications.

Colleges and universities simplify the application process by collecting information about potential students that want to attend their institutions. These applications are often robust. They include basic student information like academic record, GPA, test scores, and family history, plus more in-depth info including extracurricular activities, special honors, and responses to essay questions. If students want to attend a college the year they graduate from high school, these forms are due in the fall of the senior year.

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Manage school forms with Acrobat Sign.

Whether you need to fill out a school form, send a document for signature, or organize recently submitted forms from school organizations or fellow parents, you can work faster with digital tools like Acrobat Sign.

Sign forms simply.

Adding an e-signature to a document just takes a second. If the school administrator or school board sends out a form to complete, it’s easy to bring that form into the free Acrobat fill and sign tool on your computer or mobile device. You can also either upload an image of your signature or sign using your mouse or finger.

Send and share forms easily.

If it’s your responsibility to send forms out for signature, it takes just three simple steps with Acrobat Sign. Just upload your document, add your recipient’s email address, and hit Send. This will deliver the document right to someone’s email inbox. This is especially helpful if you’re a room parent, PTA member, or volunteer sending out forms to parents.

Use it with other tools you already use.

Acrobat Sign works seamlessly with Microsoft applications, so parents and teachers can create, edit, and sign documents without opening additional applications. Whether you’re crafting a teacher questionnaire, a student mentoring schedule, or a cafeteria lunch menu that needs approval, you can do it all in the applications you’re used to.

Make simpler signatures part of your everyday life.

Acrobat and Acrobat Sign make it easier to manage all the academic forms in your life. And with Acrobat, you can compress large files, like long college applications, to make them easier to share via email. You can also merge documents together, like student information for preschool and child care applications. Or easily convert web pages into PDFs using the new Acrobat PDF Chrome extension.

If your school forms are online, they are easy to access. Whatever forms or applications you’re working on, discover how Acrobat Sign makes it easier to get things done.