Password protect a PDF on an iPad from anywhere.

A woman uses an iPad to password-protect a PDF.

No matter where you are, you can take steps to password-protect a PDF that contains private information using Acrobat online.

Your personal details or business finances are important documents to keep private. Learn how to add a password to secure sensitive info in any PDF that needs to be shared with specific collaborators or financial institutions. Whether you’re at home or on the move, you can access Adobe Acrobat online services from any browser on your iPad to password-protect your PDF files.

How to password-protect a PDF on an iPad.

With Adobe Acrobat online services, you can password-protect PDF on an iPad with nothing but an internet connection. Here’s how you can make it happen.

  1. Use any browser to navigate to Adobe’s Password Protect PDF online tool.
  2. Click the blue button labeled “Select a file,” or drag and drop your PDF into the selection box.
  3. Type a strong and unique password.
  4. Retype the password to confirm it.
  5. Click Set Password.

You can now download the file. You can also sign in to a service — such as Acrobat, Apple, or Google — to share it with others via a link or email.

Your PDFs will be even more secure if you choose a password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. With a unique, encrypted password to share, you can be even more confident that your sensitive information will only be seen by those you’ve personally approved.

How to open a password-protected PDF on an iPad.

Opening a password-protected PDF is simple as long as you have the password. Once you find and click on the PDF to open it, a dialog box will appear and you can type the password into the box. You will now be able to open and access the PDF, and you can choose to remove the password if you would like to.

Why password-protect a PDF on your iPad?

PDFs are accessible and readable across all devices, and with Acrobat online services, you can also use your iPad to secure your documents on the go. Whether you are sending contracts to clients, communicating about unfinished projects with your team, or preparing financial documents for your taxes, password protection can ensure your information remains secure. Even if you don’t have access to your usual devices, all you need is an internet connection to use your iPad and ensure that the information in your PDFs is protected.

Ensuring sensitive information is secure.

There are many different kinds of information that you may need to secure. Having a password will allow you to limit the people who can view your document to those you share the password with, keeping it away from prying eyes. Password protection can come in handy if you have tax information stored in PDFs that you need to share with select people, like a tax preparer. Other personal information found in documents, such as legal or court documents, can also be secured with a password. In certain professions, password-protecting PDFs can help you comply with legal requirements for privacy. For example, a password could protect identifying information to comply with HIPAA.

Providing peace of mind.

While bad actors continue to advance their methods of stealing information, you can ensure that there is an additional layer of defense for all of your sensitive documents. With password protection, your PDFs containing trade secrets, financial information, identifying information, and confidential information won’t be accessible to anyone without the password. You can choose to create a strong password to further secure your PDFs, so even if your PDFs fall into the wrong hands, your information will remain safe. Use Acrobat online services to password-protect your PDFs on your iPad and create peace of mind from anywhere.

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