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Want to take your students on a school field trip or participate in an extracurricular activity? Download an editable permission slip template that parents can easily fill out and sign.

From field trips to hands-on class experiments and playing physical sports, students need parental permission for many school activities. Get a free editable permission slip template to make getting parental permission a breeze.

What is a permission slip?

Sometimes, students need to go beyond the classroom to learn. Some of these activities may involve some level of risk, like hiking in a park, working with tools, or participating in an extracurricular sport. To protect the school, teachers, and staff, students need to get permission whenever they want to participate in an activity outside the regular classroom.

Students are minors and legally can’t give permission themselves. A permission slip is a document signed by a parent or guardian that gives their student permission to participate in these activities.

Information to include in a field trip permission slip template.

Any activity that requires a permission slip likely involves some level of risk, so don’t skimp on the details when drafting your permission slip template.

In your template, make sure you cover all the essential information to ensure your students are as safe as possible while participating in the school activity:

Since many school activities require a permission slip, making a few templates to cover each base doesn't hurt. For example, you could create one field trip permission slip template, one sports permission slip template, and another generic permission slip template.

Once your school permission slip templates are ready, save them as PDFs. PDFs maintain their formatting regardless of device, making them easy to share. And whenever you fill out one of your templates, remember to save a copy for your records.

Download an editable permission slip template.

If you’re not confident creating a template, you can download an editable permission slip template online. Once downloaded, you can easily send the PDF to parents to fill and sign electronically. No printers needed.

Frequently asked questions.

Can a permission slip be signed electronically?

Yes. An electronic signature (or e-signature) is an accepted method of giving permission for most educational institutions. However, checking with the school before collecting electronic signatures is always best.

When do you need a permission slip?

Generally, any time a student leaves school grounds or participates in an activity involving risk, they must have a permission slip.

Can permissions slips be digital?

Yes. Digital permission slips are a great way to save time and resources since no printing or paper is required. All documents and signatures are electronic for easy sending and saving.

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