Why PDF is the best file format for business.

Discover the benefits that make PDF the world’s most common business file format.

PDF is the world’s most popular business document format. Businesses of all sizes across every industry distribute documents, contracts, press releases, and more as PDFs. But what is it that makes the file format so popular? Read on to learn about the benefits of PDF files for your business.

Save time and money.

Some of the greatest PDF advantages are cost and time savings. Digitizing documents into PDFs lets you share them instantly without worrying about postage or delivery times. You’ll also save paper and ink.

Work on any device, at any time.

All computers and mobile devices support the PDF format and can open and view them. As a result, you can work anywhere with any device you have on hand. Online PDF editing tools, like Adobe Acrobat online services, also let you add text and comments to PDF files while on the move.

Secure confidential documents.

You can add passwords to PDF files to make sure sensitive information stays secure. As a result, you can safely share business information, contracts, and other confidential documents.

Maintain document formatting.

Text files often lose their formatting information when you open them on a different computer or device. PDFs retain all formatting, style, and image information from the source file. They always display correctly, no matter which device you use to view them.

Share files effortlessly.

You can compress PDF files without significantly affecting the quality of included images and text. Compressed PDFs have smaller file sizes, which makes them easy to share while also saving space on your device.

Digitize your documents online.

With Acrobat online services, you can easily convert files to PDF. The converter supports text files, spreadsheets, presentations, and images. You can also compress files, sign forms, protect PDFs with passwords, and much more.

Explore all the ways Acrobat online services can help you with your business documents.