Creating a field trip permission slip template.

A woman creates a field trip permission slip template on her laptop.
Students can’t travel outside of school without permission from their parents. Learn how to write a permission slip template that will provide all the information you’ll need.

Field trips are exciting opportunities for students to explore the world beyond their classroom walls, engage in experiential learning, and gain valuable insights outside of traditional academic settings. However, organizing and managing field trips require careful planning, coordination, and most importantly, obtaining proper consent from parents or guardians.

Creating a reusable field trip permission slip template can make your life easier and also prevent mistakes and forgetting to ask for key information from parents.

When is a field trip permission slip required?

A field trip permission slip is typically required whenever students are going on an off-campus excursion as part of their school curriculum or activities. These trips often involve visits to museums, historical sites, nature reserves, or other educational venues.

The purpose of the permission slip is to inform parents or guardians about the details of the trip, including the destination, date, duration, transportation arrangements, and any associated costs. It also serves as a formal consent form, ensuring that parents are aware of the trip and granting permission for their child to participate.

Field trip permission slips are necessary to establish a clear line of communication between schools and parents, ensuring the safety and well-being of students during the excursion while also providing an opportunity for parents to voice any concerns or provide special instructions regarding their child’s participation.

Info to include in a field trip permission slip template.

Permission slips for field trips are more than just signed pieces of paper. They should include all the information both parents and teachers need to keep students safe. Make sure to include the following information on any permission slips for students:

If you’re not comfortable creating a school permission slip yourself, you can download premade templates online.

Can a permission slip for a field trip be signed electronically?

Many schools and educational institutions are adopting electronic methods for obtaining permission slips, making the process more convenient and efficient for both parents and educators. They can also sign the permission slip online using an e-signature.

Electronic signatures have gained recognition and acceptance as legally binding alternatives to traditional ink signatures. With secure online platforms, parents can now sign permission slips electronically using e-signature tools. These tools ensure the authenticity and integrity of the signature, providing a legitimate and binding agreement between the school and the parent.

By using electronic signatures, schools can reduce paperwork, streamline administrative tasks, and expedite the process of collecting and managing field trip permission slips. Electronic signatures also offer a traceable record of consent, providing an added layer of security and accountability for all parties involved.

Save a field trip permission slip template as a PDF.

There are plenty of benefits of digitizing documents like field trip permission slips so they can be accessed on any device and aren’t lost while traveling. The easiest way to create permission slips is with a word processing program like Microsoft Word. That will allow you to create bulleted lists of the field trip details for easy organization and readability.

Although Word is the easiest way to build your school permission slip, it’s not the best way to send it. It’s easy for anyone to edit Word files, and the formatting might not stay the same between devices.

Always save your templates as PDFs using software like Adobe Acrobat to ensure formatting and prevent accidental editing. You can even leave spaces for parents to quickly and easily fill in information.

Want to learn other ways to work with PDFs online? Discover more about what you can do with Acrobat to write, send, and collect school permission slips.