How to create a parental consent form for travel.

If a child needs to travel alone, they must have a minor travel consent form. Learn how to create a parental consent form for travel template.

A parental consent form for travel lets the airport and travel authorities know that a child is travelling alone and provides them with their emergency contact information. You may also need a consent form for travelling with one parent (typically if the parents are divorced) or for the child to travel with grandparents.

Information to include.

Since the parental consent form for travel is a legal document, it needs to offer specific information, including the:

The best way to ensure you include all the required information is to download a parental consent form for travel template. That way, you can simply fill in the information and be confident that you didn’t miss anything important.

Save file as a PDF.

Although the child should carry a printed version of the travel consent form, you may also be able to submit the form electronically. In that case, it’s a good idea to save the form as a PDF with software like Adobe Acrobat. It’ll maintain the formatting during the upload, helping the submission process go smoothly. You can also add your legal signature with the click of a button using an e-signature.

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