Parental consent forms: what you need to know.

Learn more about this common type of consent form and how you can compose and sign your own.

With parenthood comes many great things — and also a lot of paperwork. A parental consent form is just one of the forms you may come across, so it’s helpful to be familiar with them and the circumstances where you might need to use one for your child. Let’s explore what a typical parental consent form entails and how you can write your own.

Simply put, a parental consent form is a legal document that requests authorization for your child to participate in one activity or the other. This type of form is usually sent home from school with your child and asks permission for them to participate in activities like school field trips, particular extracurricular activities, and more.

Parental consent forms can pop up in other areas too. You’ll need to give parental consent for photography — such as instances like modeling, publicity (like a school website), or other similar contexts. Doctors’ offices and hospitals also request or require parental consent for your child to receive care or undergo procedures.

In some cases, you may be able to write your own parental consent forms — like if your child needs permission to miss class for a dentist appointment. In this case, you can compose a short letter of permission sharing your child’s details and the applicable dates, as well as your name and signature.

You can also search online for common forms or templates and simply fill in the necessary details. Then, you can convert the file to a PDF, sign electronically, and send it off to the appropriate recipient via email, skipping the paperwork entirely.

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