How to type on a PDF.

Add text to any PDF from nearly any device.

Professionals everywhere use PDFs: in the office, in the classroom, and even in the courtroom. They’re easy to use, but sometimes it’s not so clear how to type directly in a PDF.

Here’s how to add text to nearly any PDF from any desktop or mobile device. Plus, discover some tips on which PDF managers are compatible with your device.

Find the right PDF tool.

First, you’ll need a PDF manager — the one you choose will depend on which device you own. For lightweight and mobile devices, explore different mobile apps and online PDF managers, such as Adobe Acrobat online services.

If you own a laptop, desktop, PC, or Mac, you can choose between online PDF managers and desktop applications.

And if your document isn’t already a PDF, you can easily convert it online.

Add text to any PDF.

Open the PDF you want to add text to. Depending on which app or software you’re using, there are a few different ways to type:

Or you can use Adobe Acrobat, which makes it easy to open, type on, and share PDFs without having to switch between applications. No matter which program you use, remember to save changes when you’re finished.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat and Acrobat online services to manage PDFs like a pro.