What to include in a workplace incident report template.

A laptop is used to create a workplace incident report template.

Prepare for accidents in the workplace. Learn how to create a detailed incident report template.

Even with rigorous safety measures, workplace accidents can happen. It’s important to document any accident with an incident report carefully, but writing one can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Streamline your incident reporting process with our workplace incident report template guide.

What is an incident report?

An incident report is a formal document that provides a comprehensive account of an accident, injury, or any other unexpected event that occurs within the workplace. It serves as a detailed record of the incident and accurately captures the facts surrounding it, ensuring that all relevant details are properly documented.

In order to effectively respond to workplace accidents and ensure the safety of employees, it’s essential to have a standardized incident reporting process. To help you document incidents accurately and efficiently and capture all the necessary details, here are the key elements to include in the workplace incident report template:

1. Details of the involved parties in the incident.

Include the name, title, and contact details of the person reporting the incident, the on-site supervisor, and all other involved persons. These include any injured employees and witnesses.

2. Description of the workplace incident.

Have spaces for listing the incident time and location. You should also include sufficiently large text boxes where you can describe the incident and its causes in detail.

3. Follow-up actions for the incident report.

Have a section on your template to describe any follow-up actions and recommendations. It will help anyone reviewing the report keep track of whether your company has appropriately addressed any safety issues.

4. Section for signatures.

At the end of your incident report template, request a signature from the person reporting the incident. It may also be a good idea to have designated signature spaces for the supervisor and report approver.

Benefits of using an incident report form template.

Using an incident report form template offers several advantages that can greatly improve the incident reporting process. Here are the key benefits:

Simplify the signing process with a PDF template.

You’ll probably draft your incident report template in Microsoft Word, but converting it using a Word to PDF converter makes sharing easier. You can also sign PDFs online in case everyone involved can’t provide their signatures in person.

Take a moment to discover everything else you can do with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat online services to convert, sign, and share your PDFs.

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