Where to get a bill of sale form.

A man uses his computer to learn where to get a bill of sale form template.

Customize, sign, and share your own bill of sale for motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, and more.

A bill of sale legally transfers ownership of motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, or other personal property from one person to another. Finding out where to get a bill of sale form is easy. You can find bill of sale templates online or create custom ones with versatile document software — but whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to know what information should be included.

What should be on a bill of sale form?

There are several bill of sale types, and each serves a different purpose, depending on the specifics and the transaction location. One of the most common is an “absolute bill of sale,” traditionally used for private motor vehicle sales. Details may differ from state to state, but more often than not, each bill of sale should include at least the following:

In general, once all parties sign the bill of sale form, the seller is freed of liability, and the buyer becomes the legal owner.

Where can I get a bill of sale form?

You’ll discover that figuring out where to get a bill of sale form is simple. You can access a variety of templates online, or a handwritten bill of sale will do. When you need a bill of sale, any of the following methods will serve you well:

Bill of sale printable vs digital version.

A bill of sale can be stored as a printed physical version or in digital format. If your bill of sale was originally printed or handwritten, scanning and storing a bill of sale form PDF ensures that your documents are safe and accessible from anywhere in case of an emergency.

Create your own electronic bill of sale form template.

After checking local laws, you can create a custom, electronic bill of sale form in just a few clicks with an e-signature software like Adobe Acrobat. Not only can you easily scan, upload, or update forms, add or remove PDF signature fields, and share documents online, but your buyers and sellers can also sign from anywhere and from nearly any device.

To make all your transactions even easier, explore what more you can do with Acrobat today.