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How to sign documents on an iPad.

Discover the ease of portable paperless signatures. Learn how to sign digital documents on your iPad using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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Take your documents on the go.

Keep all your important documents organized and in sync with electronic signatures. The hassles of paperwork can pile up, from printing costs and mail delays to lapses in communication. Sign from your iPad and sidestep complicated workflows with Adobe Acrobat.

E-signatures are especially helpful for remote teams or business partners who can’t easily meet in person. With the increase in remote working environments, it’s more important than ever that teams have the tools to get work done from wherever.

E-sign your documents with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Signing a project estimate document on an iPad

How to use electronic signatures on an iPad with Acrobat.

1. Open a PDF document in Acrobat.

2. Click Fill & Sign in the toolbar on the right, or Sign in the toolbar at the top of the page.

3. Draw, type, or choose an image file to fill the signature box. Then click Apply to place your new signature on the form.

4. Click Next to download the document or send it to others to review or sign.

Discover the iPad advantage.

iPads and mobile devices excel when it comes to digital signatures. Signing documents on a touchscreen iOS device like an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch gives you the closest approximation of a physical signature. Instead of tracing with your trackpad or cursor, you can simply use an Apple pencil, other stylus, or your finger to write out your signature just like you would with a pen and paper.

Editing a PDF document on an iPad
Adding a comment to a PDF document on an iPad

Perfect your document.

Signatures are just the start. In the toolbar in the top right corner, you’ll find all the markup tools you need to make revisions, update drafts, or give feedback on documents. Place a sticky note comment, edit text or images, or highlight certain areas you want to revisit.

In addition to markup features, Acrobat has all you need to digitally collaborate on your document workflow. Once you’ve made your changes, you can easily share the document with others or send it for signature using Adobe Acrobat Sign.

When you use Adobe Acrobat Sign to manage signatures, you can add signers, specify where they should sign, and track their progress every step of the way.

Take control of all your docs with Adobe.

Digital signature use is on the rise, so your customers and business partners are more likely to expect the ability to sign digitally. Around 60% of consumers have signed more digital documents in the past six months than in the six before that, with Gen Z and millennials leading the way for widespread adoption of e-signatures. Beyond speed and efficiency, digital signatures are becoming a necessity to connect with customers.

No matter where you need to sign from, you can get your document delivered in just a few clicks. Use Acrobat to sign PDFs on your Mac, PC, or iPhone — and on Android as well, with the Acrobat mobile app. Rest assured that your signed document is legally binding and complies with electronic signature laws around the world.

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