Drive business results with Firefly generative AI. 

A comprehensive AI platform for content creation, Firefly is designed to be safe for commercial use, scalable across teams and customisable to your brand. 

Discover the Firefly difference. 

As the creative technology leader, Adobe is the partner you can trust to help you to accelerate ideation and scale content production across your enterprise with generative AI. See the advantages of putting Firefly at the heart of your content workflows. 

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Depth and breadth of high-quality AI models 

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Integrated into your content workflows

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Developed responsibly and designed to be commercially safe

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Customisable to fit your brand 

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Generative AI embedded in key tools and workflows. 

With the breadth of generative AI capabilities integrated into the tools creatives and marketers use every day, they can ideate and work more quickly as they create images, vectors and more.

APIs that make it easy to scale and automate production. 

Replace manual and repetitive tasks to create hundreds of asset variations faster than ever. Automate, personalise and localise variations at scale with Firefly Services including APIs for Firefly and Creative Cloud. 

 A product shot of a yellow handbag against a backdrop of plants, flowers and pink smoke. Beside it are three image variations in different colour schemes, with a cursor selecting the final shot.

Customised Models and Style Kits keep everything on brand. 

Generate on-brand imagery by training a customised Firefly model with your own styles and subjects. Maintain consistency and scale content creation across teams by building, saving and sharing styles, campaigns, text prompts and more with Style Kits (coming soon). 

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Responsibly designed to be safe for commercial use. 

Create with confidence knowing that our Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock and public domain content where copyright has expired. We won't train our foundational Firefly models with your Customised Model training data. Customers on qualifying plans are eligible for IP indemnification for generated imagery (terms apply). 

See it in action.

Firefly Services

Customised Models

Content Supply Chain

See how Firefly Services can help to accelerate your content supply chain. 

See how IBM is reimagining content creation and digital marketing with Firefly. 

In addition to boosting engagement 26x with AI-generated social assets, the company has streamlined workflows to help creatives and marketers spend more time on higher-value work. 

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What analysts are saying. 

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“The technology supplier remains one of the more successful early movers in terms of maximising the opportunity around vision-orientated GenAI solutions (i.e., images, videos and 3D). Adobe's comprehensive approach to responsible innovation seeks to identify, quantify and mitigate AI-based risks for its end-to-end value chain, including the impacts at the company, creator and user/customer levels.”

Adobe MAX 2023: GenAI and Adobe Firefly Take Centre Stage — Matte Arcaro, IDC (November 2023)

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“As Adobe’s Firefly product is coming up on its one-year anniversary on 21 March without any major issues around the generation of inappropriate, biased or misleading imagery, it illustrates the value in doing the hard work around image assessment and training can help to deliver a product that can be trusted for use in commercial situations, including marketing and e-commerce workflows. Further, by incorporating Firefly technology across its portfolio of products, Adobe is standing behind the technology as a trusted, enterprise-gradient service.”

Ensuring Generative AI-Driven Image Generation Is Enterprise-Gradient — Keith Kirkpatrick, Futurum (February 2024)

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“Adobe is the only image-generation model provider that can credibly claim that all the data used to train the model is owned or fully licensed by it to do so. The platform accelerates the iteration speed of the content creation workflow for those who can use it.”

Let’s talk about how you can transform content creation with Adobe. 

Questions? We have answers.

Firefly is the new family of creative generative AI models powering Adobe products. Firefly offers new ways to ideate, create and communicate while significantly improving creative workflows. It’s the natural extension of the technology Adobe has produced over the past 40 years, driven by the belief that people should be empowered to bring their ideas into the world precisely as they imagine them.

As part of Adobe’s effort to design Firefly to be commercially safe, we’re training our initial commercial Firefly model on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock and public domain content where copyright has expired. Additionally, as a founding collaborator of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Adobe is setting the industry standard for responsible generative AI. The CAI is a community of media and tech companies, NGOs, academics and others working to promote adoption of an open industry standard for content authenticity and provenance.


This is in conjunction with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which has developed an open technical standard providing publishers, creators and consumers the ability to understand the origin of different types of media, including the ability to add a Content Credential that allows creators to indicate that generative AI was used. Find out more about content credentials.

The current Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, along with public domain content where copyright has expired.

Adobe has recently announced Customised Models, which are ways for creators to be able to train the models with their own assets so they can generate content that matches their unique style, branding and design language without the influence of other creators’ content. 


Adobe will continue to listen to and work with the creative community to address future developments to the Firefly training models.

No. We do not train our Firefly generative AI models on any Creative Cloud or Adobe Experience Cloud subscribers’ personal content.

We’re continually working on bringing Firefly into Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. Features powered by Firefly can currently be found inside Adobe Express, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Stock and

Using your Adobe ID or federated ID, you can access the Firefly web app to experiment with all the different available capabilities.

For features without the beta label, you can use outputs generated from Firefly in your commercial projects. For features that are in beta, you can use the outputs generated from Firefly for your commercial projects unless explicitly stated otherwise in the product.

As with the use of all Creative Cloud products and services, Firefly outputs cannot be used in an illegal manner (including to infringe or violate the rights of others) or in connection with creating, training or otherwise improving AI/ML models. Learn more

Yes, if the organisation has purchased the appropriate entitlement (which will require a new contracting event), subject to the applicable terms, conditions and exclusions. Learn more

Enterprise customers may purchase an entitlement that comes with contractual IP indemnification for select Firefly outputs through the Adobe Express and Firefly site licence or through certain Creative Cloud for enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more.

This will depend on the laws of your local jurisdiction. If you’re interested in learning more about this issue, check out this Copyright Alliance blog post by Adobe’s lead copyright solicitor.

Check out the Firefly web page.